Desite SLG -78-VF-4

Model 2016!  Limited Quantity!  $4,995!!!

(Vibratory System With Feeder)


When even more production is needed, our DeSite Deflector Feeder System can be added to the Desite SLG-78-VF Topsoil Screener. Our deflector system is a bolt on attachment that can be adjusted for varying screening conditions. Our deflector system allows operators to feed the screen much more aggressively adding 15 to 20% more production each hour. With the deflector simply drive up and empty the contents of your bucket onto the deflector and the screener does the rest. 

Desite SLG-78VF-II Topsoil Screener Vibratory System with Feeder Desite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener with Vibratory System with excavator and bobcat


The Desite SLG-78-VF-4 Topsoil Screener comes with our 110 volt vibratory system. Our vibrator delivers 700lbs of thump, mounting to the underside of the screen deck. The 110 volt vibrator simply plugs into a wall circuit or can be powered with as small as a 1200 watt suitcase generator. A nice feature of of the Desite SLG-78-VF-4 Topsoil Screener is the ability to supply power from up to 200 feet away using a heavy guage extension cord. This allows the power source to be a good distance away from dust and dirt.


No engine to service, and no pivoting points using grease makes the Desite SLG-78-VF-4 Topsoil Screener a “Go Green” 100% maintenance free portable vibratory screener. Customers tell us that the vibratory system increases hourly production as much as 30% per hour.

Desite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener suspensions system Desite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener with Vibratory System with Feeder Rear View


DeSite SLG screeners are not a fancy screener. They are a “Meat and Potatoes” portable screener giving small to medium contractors screening independence at a price point customers find hard to believe.


Packaged Shipping

Front View of Desite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener packaged and ready to shipSide View of Desite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener packaged and ready to ship

The Desite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener comes banded, standing vertical on a 36" x 92" pallet. When extra mesh sizes are ordered they will come banded to the outside of the package. The pallet weighs 1600 to 1800 pounds depending on accessories ordered.

We can ship the Desite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener anywhere in the United States between $250-$600 depending on region. Call for exact quotation.



Lift Extensions

Desite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener is equiped with Lift ExtensionsDesite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener Lift Extensions

The way DeSite SLG series screeners are moved takes portable to a whole new level. DeSite screeners have been designed with open pockets that allow pallet forks to pick up and move the screener. We also offer lift extension the can be inserted into the lift pockets, allowing the operator to move the screener with the bucket on his machine. Our lift extension system allows the operator to move the screener in literally seconds and keeping the screener close to the pile you are screening is key to good hourly production.



Sloping Legs

Close up of sloping legs on a Desite SLG-78 Topsoil ScreenerSloping legs on a Desite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener

DeSite Desite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener screeners are designed with the ability to have sloping legs inserted into the screen box allowing the operator to alter the degree of slope of the screen deck for varying screening conditions. When screening sand or round rock you can extend the legs, flattening the slope. When screening wet and sticky materials you can retract the legs to increase the degree of slope to keep the product moving across the deck.




Desite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener feed with small tractorDesite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener produces large amounts of final product
Desite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener fits on a flat bedDesite SLG-78 Topsoil Screener easily screens dirt and rocks

No other screener has the ability to be loaded on the same trailer as your skid steer or bucket tractor all at the same time. Having the screener and your machine together on the trailer when moving from job to job means you are 100% efficient everywhere you go. Other screeners must be transported separately to the site, backed into place and then set up. Because the Desite SLG-78VF-4 Topsoil Screener transports along with your machine it can be unloaded and operational in seconds making small volume screening very profitable.