Desite SLG-108-VFRB Topsoil Screener




The Desite SLG-108-VFRB Topsoil Screener with a 6ft x 10ft screen deck offers more than 55 square feet of screening surface. The Desite SLG-108-VFRB Topsoil Screener is saving people time and money screening and recycling waste products onsite.

The Desite SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener has been designed to be fed with loaders and backhoes, but also can be fed with skid steers and bucket tractors when the riser box is removed.

Removing the riser box can be done in 2 minutes with our 4 inch nylon belt quick change system.

Mounted to the under side of the screen deck is our twin vibration pack system vibrating at 3600 RPM delivering 1400 lbs of force.


Packaged Shipping

Front View of Desite SLG-108-VFRB Topsoil Screener packaged and ready to shipSide View of Desite SLG-108-VFRB Topsoil Screener packaged and ready to ship

The DeSite SLG-108-VFRB Topsoil Screener comes shipped on a 48" x 120" pallet that is 94 inches tall. The package weighs 4,000 lbs. All extra mesh sizes ordered will be banded to the the Desite SLG-108-VFRB Topsoil Screener package



Heavy Duty Lift Extension

Desite SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener Lift Extensions

The heavy duty Lift Extensions are cut from 3/4 inch steel plate. These lift extensions are sold in pairs and allow the operator to pick up the DeSite SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener with the cutting edge of the machines bucket. Having the ability to pick up the screener with the bucket allows for quick and easy transport in and around the worksite.

how to haul a topsoil screener with lift extensions



screen side of a topsoil screener

Front view of the SLG-108VFRB


back side of a topsoil screener

Back view of the 108VFRB


how to load a topsoil screener

Backhoe tilting the screen deck.


The screen deck can change angles.

The screen deck titled all the way back


putting a topsoil screener on a flat bed

Loading the topsoil screening on a flatbad trailer


topsoil screener made for flat bed truck

Easily transport the screener from one job site to another.