DeSite SLG-108VF Topsoil Screener




Front view of the DeSite SLG-108VF Topsoil ScreenerBack view of the DeSite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener

Although the DeSite SLG-108VF Topsoil Screener can be fed with smaller skid steers it will handle big skid steers and bucket tractors with high capacity buckets wider than 78 inches. You will find that the DeSite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener is the same machine as the DeSite SLG-108-VFRB Topsoil Screener but without the Riser Box.



The DeSite SLG-108VF Topsoil Screener weighs in at 3000 lbs and can be lifted and moved with pallet forks or with our custom bucket lift extensions. The dimensions are 6ft x 10ft with a feed height of 96". Across the top of the screen deck we have designed a removable feeder plate that is 18 inches wide so that excavators with tooth buckets can efficiently feed the screener.


The slide show below demonstrates the full range of the screener deck. The angle of the deck can be changed to match the type of material that is flowing over the deck.


  • Topsoil Screener SLG-108 with Flattened Screened Deck for Slower Material Flow
  • slg-108-dirt-screenerx600-3273
  • Topsoil Screener SLG-108 Deck at Full Postion
  • slg-108-dirt-screener-2983
  • The screen deck with a low angle
  • The SLG-108 Topsoil Screener with the Screen Deck Flattened will slow the material flow over the screener.
  • Side view of the flattened deck.
  • Rear view of the SLG-108 showing the starting position of the screen deck.
  • The screen deck starting position. A skid steer easily changes the angle of the deck, controlling the flow of material over the deck.
  • Rear view of the SLG-108 showing the decreased slope of the screen deck. Adjust the angle with a skid steer or other machinery.


Our Desite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener Portable Vibratory Screener comes fitted with two 110 volt single phase vibratory packs. We also can custom build this screener for 3 phase power or 220 volt 50 or 60 hertz for export. The vibratory system mounts to the underside of our 6ft x 10ft screen deck which sits on our cantilevered quad spring system. The vibratory system working with our deck suspension design gives our screen deck 12 inches of vibratory deck travel for maximum screening in high moisture materials.



Changing out mesh sizes on the DeSite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener is quick and easy with our dual mesh side by side design. Each 5ft x 6ft mesh panel is hooked and side tensioned over our crowned screen deck.


Screening Dirt with the DeSite SLG-108 Topsoil ScreenerScreening waste with the Desite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener
Desite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener after screeningDeSite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener with bob cat



Woven Mesh

Our DeSite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener comes fit with 3/4 x 4" triple chute elongated woven mesh. This mesh is designed primarily for screening high moisture materials. We use 65MN high abrasion steel wire for weaving our mesh. This provides maximum screen durability when also screening rock products.

Our 3/4 x 4" mesh pattern produces a 90% 1/2 inch, 10% 5/8 soil product. 1/8 x 1/8 mesh up to 6" x 6" with 1/2 inch wire. We buy our mesh in quantity so that we can offer the best prices on DeSite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener mesh. In stock mesh is 800.00 USD for each mesh panel.



Packaged Shipping

Front View of DeSite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener packaged and ready to shipSide View of DeSite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener packaged and ready to ship

The DeSite SLG-108VF Topsoil Screener ships on a 3ft by 10ft pallet using 4ft x 10ft of deck space on a truck. Package height will be 92 inches tall. Call for a shipping quote. Extra mesh can also be banded to the screener to save on freight costs. It is best to have two people present for assembly. The screener will take from 4 to 5 hours to assemble.



Factory Assembly

We can assemble the screener and install the vibratory system here at our facility for the customer. The charge is $400.00 USD. Shipping cost will be higher when the DeSite SLG-108VF is assembled because the screener will take up 8ft x 10ft of deck space on a truck. Call for a shipping quotation.

If you are looking for a portable vibratory screener with a large screen deck but do not want to spent big money, the DeSite SLG-108VF Topsoil Screener at $9,395.00 USD is the machine you have been looking for.



Lift Extensions

DeSite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener is equiped with Lift ExtensionsDesite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener Lift Extensions

The way DeSite SLG series screeners are moved takes portable to a whole new level. DeSite screeners have been designed with open pockets that allow pallet forks to pick up and move the screener. We also offer lift extension the can be inserted into the lift pockets, allowing the operator to move the screener with the bucket on his machine. Our lift extension system allows the operator to move the screener in literally seconds and keeping the screener close to the pile you are screening is key to good hourly production.